Friday, June 27, 2014

Lambretta - 70 mile scooter adventure

Anthony’s 70 mile scooter ride to see Nic’s Series 1 Lambretta

Nic was asking a few question on the Lambretta Club’s USA form.
I was thinking it would be fun to ride over to Nic’s house, and give
him a few tips. Nic ask me, are you driving your car?

I replied Hell No, I ride a Lambretta!
Nic hit back with, the first time we met, you were in a car.
I hit back, it was raining, haha!

Nevertheless, I like doing long scooter rides, and using Google Maps to made it easy to find

a safe scooter rout. The Google street view is good for checking the road speeds. I made a small paper map placed on the scooter.

I made it to Nic's place. Long story shot, we got right to work. We had the motor running
in a few minute. But the scooter had a few major problem that needed to be fixed before 
any test ride. Nic said “lets’ drink beers and watch a scooter movie”
We did that, but I couldn’t help my self. We fixed a few of the major scooter problems.

I spotted before I had to go back to Dallas. 

Nic's garage had a few pictures on the wall, of guys he met 10 years ago at a Dallas 
event called The Smoke. I told Nic, I know that guy on the wall. What a small world.

Time to hit the road back to Dallas.
PS: It’s a good thing, Nic’s scooter was taken apart. Nic had more beers than me. 

It was funny, and fun to watch.

My first stop on the way home, was Goodfrind. One of the managers owns a scooter.
I had to stop and say hello. The bar was super packed, so I road to the next bar on my rout.
Singlewide, is one of my favorite bars to go too.

Now! You are not going to believe this.
One of the guys from The Smoke was the DJ at Singlewide when i road up.
And the guy on Nic’s wall in the garage was there also. Dressed sharp, and 10 year older. 

I had to get a pictures, to show Nic.

Nic's garage wall.

A few people asked me about the scooter T shirt I was wearing.
Its one of my designs. You can find my scooter designs at: ASD Scooter Designs

Moving on to the next bar. A GetBent-sc scooter club member and  friend, 
Oliver is the head chef and part owner, at:
 Blind Butcher - Cured Meat & Craft Beer. 
Kickass Food / Meat!
Oliver sold me a Lambretta J50 I have now.

Before I could leave  Blind Butcher . The door guy George told me, you are missing the
Lucky 7 Cycles part. Get your ass over there. George is a biker, but I like hanging out
with bikers more than scooter people in the Dallas.

Some of the guys give me crazy looks about my Lambretta scooter.
But they know I don’t give a dam, I Ride A Lambrettta. End of story!

These days, you are most likely to see me riding with a pack of guys on hard-tail Harley.
People don’t know what to think when we ride up together. Its funny to see.

I finally made it home on one tank of gas. Nic gave me this Polaroid picture he took of me.
Old school photo taken on a old school scooter. cool cool!

The ride to Rockwall was fun. The only thing I didn’t like about Rockwall. Some of the roads
were 50 mph. You have know choice. The main bridge to Nic’s house was 50 mph,
but cars were going about 65 to 70. My Li150 will do 60 plus, but I don’t like to push the
scooter that hard on a long trip.

Here’s the link to Google Maps I made for the ride.
The map has the bar locations programmed in.

Riding over to see Nic’s Series 1 Lambretta was the most fun, I have had in a long time.
I hope you guys liked my scooter adventure.
Anthony Armstrong GetBent-sc / Lambretta Club USA / ASD scooter designs

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